Biggest Beach-Themed Trends on Wedding Cakes in Henderson, NV

Which Wedding Cake is Perfect for a Beach-Themed Nuptial?

Wedding cakes in Henderson, NV comes with a different variety in styles, shapes and colors. There are so many wedding cakes that cake stores can offer you. If you have a specific cake in mind, you can spill it out to your baker so that she can make it for you. If you don’t have any idea what will be best, you might need to know the classic trends on wedding cake nowadays. Shell decorations are the obvious for seaside weddings, a naked cake would be amazing for rustic weddings and a 5-tier fondant cake will be great for elegant beach weddings. If you want to have stunning cakes for your wedding event, from chic to modern to simple understand elegance, scan below to see what will be great for your upcoming big event.

27Nautical Design

Want Henderson wedding cakes with a gorgeous and unique design that is absolutely perfect for a nautical theme celebration? You can have a tied rope and anchors with a creative touch and the fresh flowers add a pop of color that complete this really stunning look. It is a simple kind of wedding cake to have but, it looks dramatic and really beautiful for your big wedding event.

Beach Wedding Cake

Brown is an unusual color for a beach themed wedding cake – but it looks awesome! While most couples opt for white or blue, this is a bold and brave move that will pay off.  The intricate details – seahorses, sand dollars, seashells, corals and waves on the bottom tier all work together to make this super stunning.

Elegant White Tiered

Pure, simple, understated elegance are a few words that can be used to describe this beach theme wedding cake.  Topped with some delicate looking seashells and starfish, this is a great idea for someone who wants to maintain a classic traditional look with just a touch of the ocean theme.

Blue Cake

A very popular (and appropriate) color for beach theme wedding cakes is blue.  But it’s such a bold color that it makes sense to go easy on the rest of the decorations.  Neutral shells, white corals and a couple of beach chairs as toppers are all you need for a bold, fun look. Go with this beautifully decorated wedding cake for your big day to add some elegance into your beach wedding theme.

Petite Cake

A growing trend, especially for a smaller beach wedding, is a petite cake.  These delicate, intricately designed mini-cakes can be placed on each table and can even double as the centerpiece! This the kind of wedding cake in Henderson, NV that will be mind-blowing for guests. It is a very unique and not-so-typical type of cake that you can offer them. Make sure that it will be as delicious as it looks. In serving the cake you may want to ask help from the caterer.

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